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Cloud Management

PlusInfo's Cloud Management Services provide you with access to teams of Experts that will allow you to spend your time growing your business and turning your data into value.

Our experts will help you more effectively manage your cloud environment. We will enable you to strategically use the cloud to improve business flexibility, lower costs, and bring your technology and business strategy together.

To find out more about PlusInfo and how we can work in partnership with you, please call us on 01582344044 or complete our contact form on Contact Us page.

We help organizations assess and design Cloud Architectures. This enables companies to lower their costs and optimize performance.

Key to our approach is ensuring that we bring your business strategy and your technology strategy together. We emphasize building flexible designs that can adapt to business's needs over time.

We have expertise in Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud, Service Mesh, Microservices, as well as emerging approaches such as Serverless Computing.

PlusInfo provides highly qualified consultants to help you improve your Cloud Environment to achieve real business value. They have expertise in the whole stack of cloud computing components and can help with everything from migrating to the cloud, modernizing your existing environment, to ensuring security and compliance.

A comprehensive consulting package for customers to leverage a team of experts across Infrastructure, Database, DevOps, Networking and Security.

Let the experts make your move to Azure a success.

Migrating to workloads and production services to Azure can be a challenging and costly exercise if poorly executed. Although it’s relatively easy to undertake a “lift and shift” server migration to Azure, this rarely delivers on customers transformation and ROI requirements. Ensuring a best practice deployment and the appropriate governance controls is also frequently overlooked as part of migration planning.

Our Migration Services typically follow the successful deployment of a Landing Zone and our team work closely with the customer to assess migration workloads and move a cloud native operating model which will ensure a maximum return of a migration to Azure.